Introducing a revolutionary collagen product that will take your beauty care into the future — collalloc NANO. Our futuristic functionality uses the latest technology to deliver stunning results.

By binding water molecules to collagen, collalloc NANO is able to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, ensuring maximum hydration, firming and smoothing. The collagen molecules bond with the skin’s natural structures, promoting the production of new collagen and increasing elasticity. The result is a visible reduction in wrinkles, an improvement in skin texture and a significant enhancement of skin health and youthfulness.

But we don’t stop at just beautiful skin! Collalloc NANO also offers revolutionary sports functionalities. Thanks to collagen, our products are quickly absorbed into muscles, tendons and joints, providing them with nutrition and promoting rapid recovery. Your body will be better prepared for demanding workouts, minimizing the risk of injury and speeding up recovery.

Prepare for the future of beauty and athletic performance with collalloc NANO — a technology that will take you to a new dimension of caring for your body and ensure the best results you’ve ever imagined.

100% bioactive marine collagen from a sustainable source

30 daily doses of 1 ml

Contains 20g of type I (80%), II (19.5%) and III (0.5%) collagen

Vitamin C content 1g

From wild marine fish of the North Sea and Arctic Ocean

Swiss processing quality

Environmentally friendly (obtained from fish parts not processed by the food industry)

The pack contains powdered collagen in a sachet, suitable for dissolving in any cold drink.

collalloc nano