Muscle regeneration

Collagen is a key building block of muscle tissue. Collagen intake can support the regeneration and repair of damaged muscles after intense training or exercise.

Healthy joints and tendons

Collagen is important for the health of joints, tendons and ligaments. Collagen intake can help keep joints healthy, reduce the risk of injury and promote faster recovery.

Support bone integrity

Vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and magnesium are important for bone health and proper mineralization. They can help strengthen bone structure and reduce the risk of fractures and overuse injuries.

Energy metabolism

Magnesium and vitamin D3 are essential for energy metabolism and energy production in the body. Optimizing these nutrients can help improve endurance and performance during sports activities.

Inflammatory processes

The combination of vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and collagen may have anti-inflammatory effects, which is important for athletes in recovering from intense training and reducing inflammatory responses in the body.

Protecting the immune system

Vitamin D3 and collagen may support a healthy immune response and reduce the risk of infections, which is important for athletes to maintain their training schedule.

Daily dose

3 000 mg of bioactive marine collagen from a sustainable source

450 mg Aquamin Magnesium from seawater with 80% absorption

Vitamin D3 50µg

Vitamin K2 180µg


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